Indian classical dance and western dance:
Kalamandir offers a diverse range of dance classes, including classical Indian dance. Among these, Garba classes have garnered significant recognition. These classes not only teach the art of Garba but also empower students with valuable life skills such as teamwork, discipline, and self-expression.

One notable success story is Ms. Priti Patel, a former student of Kalamandir. Her achievements in the field of classical dance are truly remarkable. She has received numerous awards and accolades, including the prestigious Raza Foundation Award for her contribution to Manipuri dance in 2008. Ms. Patel has also been honored with the Fulbright Fellowship for Performing Arts in 2000-2001, the Second Mrinalini Sarabhai Award for excellence in Classical Dance in 2000, the Surendra Paul Award for her dance contributions in the 1990s, the Golden Rosed Prize in China in 1993, and the Shiromani Award in 1990, among others.

Shila Mehta, another notable mention and former student, is an Indian Classical dance artist, choreographer, teacher, and composer. Her background is firmly rooted in the North Indian form of Kathak, which she has taken to audiences across the globe including touring India, North America, Australia and Europe. Mehta is the founder of Nupur Zankar Academy of Performing Arts and Research Centre in Mumbai India, The institute is registered with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations in New Delhi.

It's worth noting that Kalamandir welcomes students from outside the school to enroll for their classes. Furthermore, they provide the necessary equipment for Garba classes, making it accessible to all. This inclusive approach not only promotes the art of dance but also empowers students to explore their potential.


Basketball classes have emerged as a distinctive and impactful program. These classes not only hone physical skills but also foster teamwork, discipline, and a healthy competitive spirit. What sets this initiative apart is its inclusivity, drawing students from various academic backgrounds, promoting diversity, and enabling a holistic development that goes beyond textbooks.


Yoga classes at this institution serve as a testament to its commitment to all-round student development. Recognizing the profound significance of yoga, the institution believes that it provides students with more than just physical well-being, but it nurtures mental resilience, emotional balance, and a deeper connection with oneself. It's important to note that both men and women participate in these yoga classes, which have been ongoing for many years.


Kalamandir, an integral part of the institution, has taken a special interest in promoting activities such as skating. These skating classes are not just about leisure but instil crucial life skills. Skating uniquely engages students, offering them a healthy outlet for physical activity while teaching discipline, balance, and perseverance. Moreover, it underscores the institution's dedication to nurturing well-rounded individuals.