Vidyanjali International School believes in creating an educational environment which arouses curiosity among the students to aspire towards a greater understanding of educational consciousness that ultimately contributes to the construction of the foundation and all round development of the individual through distribution of equal opportunity for each.

The world today is plagued by multifarious issues in which the consciousness of preserving our natural resources and conditioning our mind to various Human Rights issues have become necessary for the construed reality of building awareness amongst the students. Our aim is to infuse a sense of optimism and in the process help to inculcate in every child a strong sense of Human Values in a specialised way that makes every child feel so special about his/her capacity to learn.

The contemporary conscious existence is largely regulated by modern scientific innovations. Vidyanjali International School takes every opportunity to provide the students with scientific and technology friendly education with greater emphasis on contemporary scientific innovations. While doing so the school never forgets its essential philosophy of Shantaben understanding of education, that no child should be deprived of education for want of money.