To bring awareness to young or old with the fast moving Techno Socio Economic conditions prevailing and to cope with the changes of the Modern era, under the banner of the parent school, Balmandir, various activities are conducted through number of faculties, for her own students as well as for the public.

The Dance Academy-Kalamandir

As the part of the all round education of the child, Balmandir had all along taken special interest in encouraging to bring out the cultural and artistic flair of the students. To focus more on this aspect of development, a separate wing, KALAMANDIR, was established in 1952. Since than, this wing has proved very useful to the students and the community at large. Besides imparting artistic training to the students, it has worked for preserving and propagating Indian Culture. Since it also involved students other than from the school, it gave good exposure of talent-exchange.

Besides running classes for training in various art forms, KALAMANDIR regularly produced and staged dance dramas and shows of performing arts almost ever year. Number of such performance have been acclaimed by the society and are cherished in memory by one and all involved.

Special mention may be viz:

Kaliya-Daman 1954
Tapovan Na Virbala 1955
Mirabai 1956
Satbhai Champa 1957
Bhanusinger Padavali 1959
Kach Deviyani 1961
Jijo 1962
Amarpali 1965
Sonanu Zanzar 1969
Jasma Odan 1970
Tanariri 1971
Daitya No Bagicho 1974
Pyar Ni Prit 1977
Chalke Rang Soneri 2004
Hirak Hindolo 2005

Number of cultural shows staging classical dance forms like Bharat Natyam, Kathak, Manipuri etc. are being regularly staged to encourage children.

The school takes special pride in its ‘Raas- Garba' classes. The proof of its usefulness, popularity and the standard of training lies not only in the large number of participants but also by the fact that over these many years, the school has won in number of competition and has been awarded cup-boards full of trophies. Kalamandir can easily boast of highest number of trophies won amongst the number of institution taking in such competition, as all time record of the sort.

The performances of Kalamandir have time and again helped to raise funds for many social causes so also have performed for other institution of repute.

KALAMANDIR has helped towards confidence and character building of the child.

Computer Centre

Computer has revolutionized the Global scenario. It has proved its efficient use in every field in this Modern era. In view of the use of computer in ones daily life Balmandir with its well equipped Multimedia lab kindly donated by Mr. Dilip Sanghvi, Director Sun Pharmaceuticals started classes for the Public to bring awareness to both young and old. On April 2001 it started the center with both Professional & hobby courses.

The center has lessons for all ages (Age 4 to 70)

Modules offered are:

Children special for 4 to 12 years
Certified Basic course for students and House wives
Advance Basic
Mother & child
Photoshop /Corel Drawing
Vernacular Package- Akruti
Mail Box, Syllabus (Ms Word & Internet)

ICSE syllabus - Coaching classes are conducted at a very low cost so that children can avail the facility to do well in their computer science Examination.

Till date nearly 470 compute savvy children and 600 men/women have passed from this center other than Balmandir's own students.

At Balmandir's computer center we know that the more students enjoy their learning process better they will do academically.

The student & academic coaching ratio is 3:1. They are excellent role models who know how to inspire and challenge students of all ages.

Although children work independently, Academic coaches work closely with each child.

We believe…… When children love to learn they will learn.


Smt. Shantaben Patel initiated the birth of a Pustakalya in Balmandir, way back in 1947. In 1953 an organized Bal Pustakalya was created when Balmandir shifted to the present premises from Allenby Road. When there were only 130 students in the school, Shantaben had visioned the need of a Bal Pustakalya for Academic Progress. The Bal Pustakalya attracted children from other schools. Both Gujarati and English books occupied the shelves of Bal Pustakalya. In 1972 the doors of our Bal Pustakalya were opened to all school going children. Bal Pustakalya grew in popularity. This encouraged its development into an Adult Library. In 1982 a well organized Adult Pustakalya was opened to the public. In 1996 Balmandir's Pustakalya was named Shantaben Patel Pustakalya.Shantaben's vision of Bal Pustakalya has marched a long way and now it has immerged into a well established Public Library having more than 10,000 books and nearly 500 members. Now it is a world of books.

The World of Books
Is the most remarkable creation of man!

Nothing else that he builds ever lasts.
Monuments fall, Nations perish,
Civilizations grow old and die out.
And after an era of darkness New races build others.

But in the world of Books are volumes
That has seen this happen again and again.

And yet live on. Still young.
Still as fresh as the day, they were written
Still telling men's hearts
Of the hearts of men centuries dead.