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In this hectic life, everyone is busy all the time. Some are busy in fighting odds in their life while some are busy working hard to be successful. We are so busy with our work that we do not laugh or smile at all.

Are we concerned with the ill-effects of not laughing? Answer to this question is 'no'. It can lead to incurable diseases and can have bad effects on our health. Laughing a few seconds can cure diseases.

It is proved that people who do not laugh for few seconds look more boring than people who are always laughing can also fill our life with different colours of joy. If we face any bad situation, one minute laughter can carry us away from our worries. Other people will feel happy to be in your company and enjoy your company too.

Due to its importance, government has opened many laughter clubs so that one can attend in order to live a happy and long lasting life.

One who doesn't smile will always be pessimist and hence, fail to achieve anything. So, it is a great loss to man who doesn't laugh at all.


In the midst of a breadth-taking nature scene
Ever marveled
Shape of a sea shell or
Speed off a sleek leopard.

A delicate sense of balance and beauty,
Create a perfect pattern!
Diversity on earth found
Yet, bound by harmony, peace.

Perfection is the way she does her work
It's patterns aren't multi-coloured!
Diverse form of life that live
Don't we find wilderness indeed?

Seeing its glory and complexity;
Comes to our mind one word

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