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Students School Building Playing

LaboratoriesThe school has well-equipped laboratories for Science with instruments, specimens and samples to facilitate learning for all classes.

Computer Laboratories and Resource Centre

Computer LabThe school has two Computer laboratories equipped with adequate computers for the students to have a hands-on experience. The students have access to the Internet under the guidance of experienced teachers.

The Computer lab is provided with Educational CDs for Teachers reference and Interactive sessions for Computer � Aided Education.

Audio-Visual Room

Audio Video RoomThe Audio-Visual Room is equipped with state of the art facilities like the Inter-Active White Board and Projector. This encourages the teaching � learning process and creates a student-friendly environment.


LibraryThe school has extensive library for teachers and students. Apart from reference books and story books the school boasts of a wide variety of books covering a broad spectrum of subjects. The school also subscribes to International magazines and other reading materials.

Auditorium & Playground

AuditoriumPlay GroundThe morning Assembly is held in the auditorium everyday.

All School and social events like the celebration of the Founder�s Day, Independence Day are celebrated in the auditorium.

The playground attached to the Auditorium has swings, See-saw and Merry-go Round for the young ones. The playground is also an arena for physical development of a student through Drill and P.T.

Counselling and Guidance

Counselling and GuidanceThe school has provision for counseling and guidance to the students. Renowned student- counselor visits the school and helps healthy development of student- teacher- parent relation.

Medical Check Up

Medical CareThe school is equipped with Sick Bed and First-Aid Kit is available in every floor. Medical Specialists are on hand and visit the school in case it is required.


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